How to place order

Find your price
Only $7.95 for shipping per order for delivery anywhere within Australia(includes free tracking of your order).
Place your prescription order
Write down the number of supplies you want to order next to the items on the prescription. If you want all the supplies available, write down "All".
Please also show us if you prefer a generic brand by writing the letter “G” next to that medicine.
Payment and delivery address
On the reverse side of the prescription, clearly write:
• Your name -Mandatory Information
(the person placing the order)
• Your delivery address -Mandatory Information
(as the person placing the order)
• Your mobile phone number-Mandatory If using BPAY
(you may use a land line if using credit card payment)
Payment Details
1 For Visa or Mastercard payments provide:
    • The cardholder’s name
    • Credit card number
    • Credit card expiry date
    • Credit Card CVN (3-digit security number on reverse side of credit card)


BPAY: a mobile phone number must be provided for communication purposes.

Ordering Non-Prescription Products
If you want to order any non-prescription products search here.
Enter the product's name, e.g.: Panamax.
Find your product code. The product code is located in the last column of the non-prescription price list, e.g.: P1 for Panamax.
Write the product code and the quantity you want to purchase on the reverse side of the prescription.
E.g.: 3 boxes of Panamax, write "3 x P1".
Post your prescriptions to us at:
PO Box 1195
Hunters Hill NSW 2110
Deliveries usually occur within 5 working days
using Australian Post® with Tracking
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(To search for non-prescription products please go to step 03)

You can speed up your ordering process by sending us an SMS image of your prescription to 045CHEMIST (0452436478), make sure to include the mandatory information on the reverse side (please see step 03). Please note you must still post the original prescription to us. Orders will not be sent until Pharmacorp receives the original prescriptions. Standard text rates apply.